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When you are searching for pain management in Manhattan and you have suffered a sports injury, call Dr. Donald Milione for a variety of care options that are gentle, drug-free and extremely effective. Dr. Milione helps to eliminate pain and prevent chances for recurring injuries. Serving athletes and fitness activists in Upper East Side Manhattan and the surrounding neighborhoods, Dr. Milione uses natural treatment procedures to reduce recovery time and return you to your physical activities.
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Visit Dr. Donald Milione for sports injury relief if you are dealing with a muscle strain, rotator cuff injury, ankle sprain, knee pain, back pain, concussions, wrist pain or hip discomfort. These conditions can slow you down or even stop your ability to play. If left untreated, sports injuries linger and may cause lasting damage. Fortunately, Dr. Milione will not let an injury ruin your athletic ability. Our chiropractor and supportive health team provides chiropractic and alternative treatment plans to rebuild strength and give you a competitive edge.

Dr. Milione Helps Provide Pain Management in Manhattan

At Dr. Donald Milione Chiropractor in New York, serving the Manhattan area, we provide a variety of services for sports injury relief and pain management. After we perform an evaluation of your condition, which may include the use of x-rays or MRI studies, we develop our comprehensive healing program for you. One of the focuses is to reduce inflammation and lessen your discomfort. Our natural treatment options include ultra sound therapy which stimulates the cells in the injured area. This stimulation promotes healing and reduces swelling.

Once we have diagnosed your injury and have prompted the body to begin healing, we may use other services such as chiropractic adjustments to further encourage your body to repair itself. Dr. Milione uses hands-on, gentle manipulations of your joints to place them into a healthy and stable position. These adjustments are also performed on your spine. When your spine is in alignment, your pain is reduced and your body is stronger. This strength is seen in an increase in blood flow to and from the injured area. As circulation increases, your healing time decreases. The body is a miraculous system and when it is in alignment, it repairs and heals your sports injuries.

We offer to combine our natural services with massage therapy to eliminate stress and reduce your pain. Our massage therapist will use a comfortable amount of pressure to remove tightness from muscles and can also get into the deepest layers of muscle tissue to eliminate scar tissue. As a result, your pain decreases and your range of motion improves. Our massage therapist helps you recover from sports injuries such as muscle strains and back pain and can also reduce headaches that are often a side effect of a concussion.
If you are dealing with a recent or recurring sports injury, please call us so we can determine the best care options for you.


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