Dealing With A Disc Injury

disc injury

Gelatinous discs between spinal vertebrae cushion your spine and allow you to move freely without pain. When one of these discs slips out of place, weakens or ruptures, it becomes a herniated disc. Pain from a herniated disc is caused by the disc pressing against nerves surrounding your spine. Herniated disc pain worsens when you perform movements that increase pressure on nerves compressed by a herniated disc and our Manhattan Chiropractor is here to help.

What Causes a Herniated Disc?

Aging is the most common reason people visit our Manhattan chiropractor for relief of herniated disc pain. As your vertebral discs gradually flatten, weaken and lose their "cushiony" properties, their exterior layers may tear, allowing the gel-like substance inside to bulge outward and press against sensitive spinal nerves. In fact, most lumber (lower back) herniated disc patients seen by chiropractors are in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Chiropractic Treatments in Manhattan for Herniated Discs


Our Manhattan chiropractor may apply chiropractic adjustment techniques to relieve pressure on nerves by realigning the spine using a combination of manipulative and massage techniques.


Numbing herniated disc areas with applications of cold compresses constricts capillaries and blood vessels to help decrease inflammation. Cryotherapy also stimulates release of endorphins and inhibits activity of pain signals to the brain.


Therapeutic ultrasound is another advanced physical therapy technique that generates deep-heating sound waves for relief of herniated disc pain. Delivered by a hand-held device, ultrasound high-frequency sound waves soothe pain while increasing healing blood flow to herniated discs.

Mechanical Traction/Decompression

Mechanical traction effectively addresses herniated discs by decompressing the spine and removing pressure placed on nerves by bulging discs. Mechanical traction utilizes an adjustable table to move you in ways that provide quick relief of herniated disc pain.

Massage Therapy

When used in conjunction with manipulation and adjustment treatments, chiropractic massage techniques help restore strength and flexibility to your spine while easing pain without the need for medication or surgery.

If you suffer from herniated disc pain or think you may have a herniated disc, call Manhattan chiropractor Dr. Donald Milione today. Ask us about our new client special!


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