Suffering From Neck Pain?

neck pain

The hustle and bustle of everyday life in New York can sometimes be a pain in the neck -- literally. If you're suffering from neck pain and stiffness, your misery may be due to a cervical spinal misalignment, muscle strain, herniated cervical disc or other common (but significant) problem. This pain and stiffness can not only ruin your quality of life by itself, but the underlying cause could also create problems in other areas of your body. Fortunately, you'll find natural, non-surgical relief the Upper East Side Manhattan office of Dr. Donald Milione, Chiropractor.

Neck discomfort may be temporary an acute or chronic and recurring, and it can stem from a surprisingly wide range of possible causes. If you're "lucky," your acute pain might be due to a simple one-time soft tissue strain, but many neck issues have more serious implications. The cervical spinal column is articulated at every vertebra, making it prone to injuries, joint stress and alignment issues. Part of the problem is the proximity of the vertebral discs to the spinal cord and its sensitive nerve roots. Whenever a misalignment encourages a disc to bulge or herniate outward onto a nerve root, the resulting impingement can cause sharp or dull pain, not just in the neck itself but in any of the major nerves served by that nerve root.

Many acute cases stem from a sudden impact to the musculoskeletal system. Whiplash is a famous example of severe neck pain due to injury. As your head flies forward (and back again) while your boy remains stationary, the shearing force on the neck can shift vertebrae and discs out of their normal position. Torn muscles add to the resulting pain and stiffness. Neck injuries also a common occurrence in contact sports.

But you don't have to suffer an accident to develop a neck problem. Some forms of cervical pain are caused by age-related conditions such as degenerative arthritis, flattening of the cervical discs or spinal stenosis. Even the way you normally hold your body and head can have a drastic effect on your comfort and quality of life. For instance, if your desk, computer keyboard or monitor are set too low, you may be drooping your head forward habitually, and this can cause chronic neck strain.

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain in Upper East Side Mahattan

Dr. Milione has many years of experience in diagnosing and treating neck pain. Chiropractic adjustment can prove highly effective in correcting a misalignment that produces nerve impingement. Our clinic also offers spinal decompression to guide herniated discs back into their optimal position and away from nerve tissue. This approach doesn't address pain; it addresses the reason for the pain. Dr. Milione may also prescribe ultrasound therapy to relieve soft tissue pain and/or physical therapy to strengthen the neck muscles and restore lost flexibility. Contact our Upper East Side Manhattan office to schedule an appointment and lose that annoying pain in the neck!


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