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Stress may feel as though it is just a natural part of modern life, but you can take measures to reduce stress in your life naturally. One of those steps may be a visit to our Upper East Side Manhattan chiropractor, Dr. Donald Milione. Our chiropractic clinic is here not only to help with your pain and health, but also to help you manage and reduce the stress on your body. Here are some ways we can do that.

Chiropractic Therapy Improves Spinal Alignment

At the heart of our stress relief services is the core of chiropractic therapy. Using proven chiropractic techniques, we will help put your spine and neck into proper alignment to reduce pain and inflammation. Because the spine is the root of the nervous system, improving spinal alignment reduces stress on the nerves and the brain.

Pain Management with a Natural Focus

Pain increases the effects of stress, and it can cause stress of its own. Learning how to manage pain is an important part of reducing stress. Our clinic focuses on natural pain reduction and management techniques that can control pain without the need to rely on harsh medications.

Spinal Rehabilitation Improves Stress-Related Injuries

Chronic stress can lead to injuries of the back and neck. Other types of injuries can cause main and increase your overall stress levels. Dr. Donald Milione offers spinal rehabilitation services to ensure a full recovery from injuries of all types.

Proper Ergonomics Help Reduce Stress

Is your office chair making your stress worse? We can provide an ergonomic evaluation to help you determine if you are using proper posture and desk placement to avoid unnecessary tension in the shoulders and neck, which can lead to increased stress. Dr. Milione is the only Manhattan, New York area chiropractor who is also a Certified Occupational Health Consultant. He will help you evaluate the ergonomics of your office and home, so you can make changes that will reduce the stress your body experiences every day.

Add Massage Therapy to Release Stress-Beating Hormones

A therapeutic massage causes the body to release endorphins, which combat the effects of stress hormones and encourage relaxation and reduced muscle tension. Dr. Donald Milione partners with massage therapists to help reduce muscle tension and improve the production of stress-fighting hormones. Adding massage therapy to your chiropractic care plan can improve your results and instantly lower your stress levels.

Modern life is stressful. Reduce the stress on your body with help from Dr. Donald Milione, your Upper East Side Manhattan, New York chiropractor.


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