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If you are suffering from a work-related injury and are receiving workers compensation, Dr. Donald Milione, chiropractor helps you return to work and ease your pain. Work-related injuries may leave you with pain, limited mobility and an inability to perform your job. Our health team evaluates works comp injuries and helps prepare a chiropractic care plan to restore your body to health. As we progress through this journey with you, you discover the healing benefits of natural care and the way chiropractic protects you from future work-related injuries. Dr. Milione thoroughly examines your injury and may use spinal screenings and x-rays for a better understanding of your condition. Our care plan for workers compensation injuries in and around the Manhattan, New York area, includes the use of techniques such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments- Dr. Milione gently adjusts your spine and joints to position your body without pain. If your work-related injury has caused pain in your upper, middle or lower back, our Manhattan chiropractor adjusts the vertebrae into pain-free alignment. This reduces pressure on the nerves and discs so you are able to move with greater ease. If your injury has affected a joint such as your shoulder, elbow or knee, Dr. Milione sets the joint into better alignment for healing and speedy recovery.
  • Occupational health- one of the ways our chiropractic wellness center aims to reduce workers compensation injuries is through education. Our health team shows you ways to improve your posture at work to avoid strain on your neck, back and joints. We also evaluate your performance to reduce risks of overuse injuries.
  • Exercise therapy- as you recover from your injury, we show you the value of exercises to improve your strength and flexibility. An at-home fitness program greatly improves your recovery rate and reduces your future injury risks.

Manhattan Workers Compensation Injuries and Chiropractic Care

Your work injury may be the result of years of poor posture or an improper work environment. Other injuries may occur suddenly if you lift a heavy object, a slip and fall, a crushing injury in which something falls on your hand or foot or from overuse. Whether your pain appeared suddenly or increased gradually over time, Dr. Milione has effective treatment options for you. Our holistic approach to workers compensation injuries means that you recover quickly, have less side effects than from a traditional, medication approach and you emerge from this incident feeling stronger than before. We know that you want to return to work and be a productive team player.

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Let us help you eliminate your pain and position your body to restore itself to health. Many of our workers compensation patients experience an immediate sense of relief, while others feel relief after a few chiropractic sessions. Do not let a work injury interfere with your life. Call Dr. Donald Milione today to schedule your consultation. New patients can receive a free, posture-enhancing pillow.


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